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VB.Net Fundamentals Training Course

Get a demo now !The Visual Basic .NET FundamentalsS course is ideal for anyone who is new to programming. LearnKey expert Michael Palermo will teach you how to build a secure foundation and master the fundamental programming concepts used for writing business and web applications. In just three sessions, you will develop the skills to write and build .NET programming applications of your own.

150  per user + vat

Purchase Orders

Official Purchase orders are accepted from Government, Education, Health, Charities, Times 1000 plc's, Professional Partnerships and other pre-approved accounts. Want to order more than one training course ? Contact sales on 01223 894136 for a custom quote

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Course outline

Session 1

Section A: Introduction
 .NET Framework
 Visual Studio .NET
 Creating a Testing Environment
 Forms and Buttons
 Building Solutions
 Running Applications

Section B: Projects
 Solution Overview
 Project Properties
 Solution Explorer Management
 Building and Rebuilding

Section C: Properties
 Customizing Form Properties
 Customizing Control Properties
 Linking Properties
 Managing Form Navigation

Section D: Controls
 Common Controls
 Events and Behaviors
 Adding Form Controls
 Accessing Events
 Adding Event Handlers

Section E: Variables
 Data Type
 Naming Variables
 Variable Scope
 Creating Variables
 Variable Conversions

Section F: Strings
 Character Data
 String Examples
 String Modifications
 Creating Strings

Section G: Arrays
 What is an Array?
 Declaring Arrays
 Managing Arrays

Session 2

Section A: Getting Started with Code
 Code Structure
 Toggling Views
 Viewing Regions
 Adding Comments
 Using IntlliSense
 Accessing Object Members

Section B: Controlling Execution
 Understanding If Statements
 Using If Statements
 Comparing Values

Section C: Complex Decisions
 Multiple If Statements
 Select Case Statements

Section D: Loops
 Do Loops
 For Loops
 For Each Loop

Section E: Troubleshooting
 Fixing Compile Errors
 Managing Exceptions
 Using Exception Objects

Section F: Debugging
 Locating Logical Errors
 Setting Breakpoints
 Debug Windows

Session 3

Section A: Custom Data Types
 Understanding Types and Objects
 Creating Data Types
 Initializing Data
 Creating Objects

Section B: Methods
 Method Types
 Creating Methods
 Calling Methods
 Creating Parameters
 Using Return

Section C: Code Options
 Declaration Options
 Defining Modules
 Understanding Namespaces

Section D: Getting Data
 Where to Get Data
 Using Data Form Wizard
 Using Web Services

Section E: Enhancing User Interface
 Creating Menus
 Creating Status Bars

Section F: Integrated Walkthrough
 Creating a Solution
 Adding a Windows Application
 Adding a Class
 Adding a Module
 Customizing a Form
 Creating Arrays
 Deployment Considerations

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